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Fortunate Unfortune

June 9, 2007 in Daily life

Maybe I should call it “saving graces for a clumsy guy” instead. I’ll try to explain.

Today Dee and I went to play tennis. It is something we have started doing recently, and it’s a good and fun way to get a bit of exercise. We don’t live too far from the court, but since it’s taken sometimes we usually drive to make sure that we can go elsewhere should the court be taken. As we were getting ready our dog got extremely excited, since she thought we were taking her for a walk, so we decided to bring her along and walk her after our tennis.

During our little game the dog stayed in the car, and before you start scolding me the car was parked in shadow, all the windows were slightly open and she had water. On top of that we could see and hear her from the tennis court, so we were looking after her in a fashion. After the game we went back to the car, brought the dog out, and I closed all the windows. Dee took some money out so we could go for coffee. Then I locked the door, held in the handle and pushed it shut. And then I put my hand in my pocket and realized that the keys were still in the ignition. I asked Dee if she had hers, and she said “yes, they are in the car.” Curtains.

Fortunately I remembered that I have roadside assistance through American Express, so I called them and did, after lots of talking and describing, get them to send a tow truck to help us open the car. For once a card service that actually benefited me.

Whule we waited for an hour we had a chance to take the dog for a little walk, and get ourselves some coffees and scones at Tully’s. I owe the dog a walk.

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