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Twitter Updates for 2009-06-27

June 27, 2009 in Daily life

  • Does anybody know what the reaction to Michael Jackson's death is in Iran? Has the Supreme Leader or Ahmadinejad issues any statements? #
  • @kcline I take it your doing some shopping with your husband? in reply to kcline #
  • Trying to get hold of Ahmadinejad to see what he thinks of Michael Jackson's death. This might be the linchpin we are all looking for. #
  • RT @foleymo: : Has AT&T messed with the wrong explosive personality? "MythBuster…Leads Twitter Revolt Against AT&T" #
  • RT @ogalthorpe: I shot @chasejarvis. #
  • RT @chrispirillo: Wait a second. Michael Jackson died?! Why didn't anybody tell me? #

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